Ongoing Groups 1,2 and 3

The board of the Stichting SCT Nederland (SCT-NL) is pleased to announce that the
Ongoing Groups led by Susan Gantt, Mike Maher and Ray Haddock will continue to run
in 2021. The three groups run parallel to each other and come together for a Large
Group meeting at the end of each training day.

The goal of an SCT training group is learning SCT. This is done by experiential training
where one works as a member of a group applying SCT with one’s self.
SCT is based on ‘The Theory of Living Human Systems’, developed by Yvonne Agazarian
( In a SCT ongoing group, you learn to develop both
personally and at group level. You will acquire skills for guiding yourself through
different development phases, while gaining valuable insights into the group as a living
human system with its own qualities, flaws and intrinsic wisdom.

The SCT Ongoing Training Groups consist of three x 2-day workshops extended with six
1 hour online-workshops on SCT theory. There are different training levels available:
Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

In the current context of Covid-19 restrictions the first training module in January 2021
will be online. The board of SCT-NL will re-asses the possibility to meet in-person after
module 1. The board will be reassessing this continuously throughout 2021 consistent
to government regulations in the Netherlands and in our international community
based on the criterium ‘safety first’.

SCT-NL Ongoing Training Groups The Netherlands in 2021
Location: Trainingscentrum KenKon in Wageningen


19-20 Januari
29-30 Mei
04-05 September
15-16 Januari
30-31 Mei
03-04 September 

For more information <<click here>> or admission, please contact:
Annick Nevejan (Secretary SCT-NL)
+ 31 (0)6 28 50 55 78